About us

Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) are user groups for people who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android and App Engine platforms, to product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API, to initiatives like OpenSocial. Check out code.google.com for the full list of offerings. GTUG benha aims at bringing like minded people together and giving them a platform to develop, brainstorm and interact among yourselves

What is GTUG?

  • Run by passionate individuals in the developer community.
  • A place to see what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies.
  • Focused on developers and educational technical content.
  • Open to the public with a public membership
  • A place to meet cool and smart people in tech
  • A place to learn about Google's developer platforms and tools (code.google.com)

Join us in the official Google Groups to engage yourself in GTUG Benha.

GTUG is spread everywhere around the world and is still expanding.
 You mlust be proud to be a part of it.

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